Aimm VBall

Aimm VBall

Compact Vibrating Massage Ball

The Aimm Vball is a cutting-edge vibrating massage ball that uses pressure and vibration to relieve tension and improve circulation in the body.  A portable carrying case is included, allowing you to take the Aimm VBall on the go.  Easy to charge with the included USB cable.  Fully charged in 2 hours, with a capacity for up to 2 hours at the third intensity, and longer at lower strengths.  Weighing only 0.75 lbs., Aimm VBall is easily portable.  With the option of three intensity speeds from 2500 rpm to 3700 rpm, you can tailor your massage to your needs.  Aimm VBall comes with a Auto-Shutoff feature, automatically turning off after 10 minutes. 

Aimm VBall can aid in relieving tension in the body, while loosening tight muscles and releasing trigger points.  VBall can be used before a workout to activate muscles, or for easing tension for after workout care. 

What’s in the box:
  • Aimm VBall
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Portable Carrying Case

How to Use

Aimm VBall is designed to target trigger points to release tension.  You can either roll the ball over your muscle, or place the Aimm VBall on the floor and lie on the VBall and move your body over it to activate and relieve any tension in those areas.  The Aimm VBall can be used pre-workout to activate muscles such as glutes.  After a workout you can use the ball to loosen up tight muscles, like the balls of your feet. 

Turn the VBall on by pressing down on the power button for three seconds until the LED lights illuminate.  Press the power button again, once for low intensity, twice for medium and three times for high intensity level.  The blue LED lights will indicate the corresponding intensity.  To turn the VBall off, press down on the power button for three seconds.  The Aimm VBall is fully turned off when all the LED lights are off. 

Compact, Lightweight, Portable design

The Aimm VBall is compact measuring only 3.9 inches or 8.9 cm.  Weighing 0.75 lbs. / 0.34 kg., the VBall is lightweight and easy to carry.  It is designed to be portable with the included carrying case allowing you to get relief on the go.  The textured rubber exterior targets vibration for a more localized therapy. 

Built in Rechargeable Battery

The Aimm Vball comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery allowing over 2 hours of use per charge.  To charge, connect the included USB cable to the Aimm VBall.  LED lights illuminate to show battery level and indicate active charging.  The LED lights will remain illuminated when fully charged while adapter is plugged in.  The Auto-shutoff feature automatically turns the VBall off after 10 minutes.  To use the VBall for longer, simply turn it on to the desired intensity.

Customizable Intensity Speeds

Aimm VBall has 3 intensity speeds.  Press the power button to increase the intensity, press the power button again to go back to the first intensity.  Intensity ranges from 2500 rpm to 3700 rpm. 


  • 3 Customizable intensity
  • Weight – 0.75 lbs.
  • Up to 2-hour battery life
  • Portable compact design

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